Kent Gross


With over 40 years of legal experience, Kent Gross is the most trustworthy and professional lawyer to come across when financial issues need solving. Kent can deal with asset protection regarding trusts, bankruptcy, debts, probates, and corporation or incorporation conflicts. Kent even deals with family matters such as; child support, guardianship laws, divorce, and separation. These are all hard-hitting court cases that are hard for someone to deal with, but these are problems Kent is best at figuring out.

To be more specific with his profession of trusts, Kent goes for asset protection, testamentary trusts, living trusts, and onshore and offshore trusts. So anything that you sign that leads to asset protection, Kent has your back. Then there’s, of course, decades-long experience knowing what to do when going through bankruptcy and debts.

 Besides money problems, Kent has a specialty in family matters. With child support, he can create petitions for downward modifications based on Covid -19 furloughs, unemployment, and other changes in circumstances. Divorce and separation with Mediation or trials. Of course, separation agreements and then prenuptial agreements couples may ask for. Finally, regarding guardianship, he can base these documents on adult and elderly people.


Kent Gross has expertise in chapters and more chapters of bankruptcy. For example, when it comes to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the actual definition is only bankruptcy for individuals, including defense against the enforcement of personal guarantees. Still, when it comes to the average purpose of bankruptcy and debt, this is something this professional is good at. This leans more towards motions to set aside default judgments, remove liens on bank accounts and remove unfair credit history. All these categories have been read and studied for Kent’s specialty for 12 years.

 Now Chapter 11, Bankruptcy, goes to businesses that need time to repay a debt to negotiate repayment terms and write downs with a legal petition. This provides a representation to individuals with debt levels above a certain level. Kent has been studying this for 14 years.

Then with Corporate and incorporation, Kent gives you a full-service alternative to start-up companies engaged in providing services, high-tech development or production, construction, and entertainment. He’s been reading over this for 20 years.

 Finally, probate is the process in which the court reads over documents and processes the case for validation, which takes about a year. This is what Kent goes through, but I can recommend you a trust to have you avoid this process and its hefty expenses. So, etching like this can go for petitions for mid-sized estates and affidavits for small estates under Part 13 of the SCPA. This field has been studied for 22 years.


Kent is passionate about advising people, giant corporations, high net-worth individuals, and multinational corporations, as well as essential courtroom cases that many can define as life-altering. When dealing with the outcomes of finances and saving people from the harsh distribution of assets, Kent is the go-to for this sort of legal advice.

First, Kent gained his education at the University of California to study law immediately and studied more in this field at UCLA School of Law. Then in 1981, Kent flew to New York and passed his New York State Bar. After successfully passing the New York State Bar Exam, Kent worked in this field to ensure all clients and customers came out, leaving a satisfied comment afterward with a need to come back for any advice that any person may need. 

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