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An Our family lawyer offers many areas, including divorce, child custody, adoption, same-sex marriage, and violence. Family legal professionals are regularly consulted when there is a dispute between the mother and father about their custody rights or an issue of home violence. 

If you are looking for a household lawyer, you are most likely in an inclined and sensitive situation. Therefore, you must find an attorney that listens to your desires and needs while considering them. Family legal professionals are lawyers who do prison work traditionally centered on prison problems between family members. A household attorney may be referred to as one to do property planning for a client’s family in NYC.

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Family lawyer and household regulation is a specialized place that focuses on the household unit, even with marriage, divorce, toddler custody, and adoption. A family legal professional specializes in household regulation and offers legal assistance to clients within this location of specialization. 

The responsibilities that come with this kind of case might also consist of making sure that all paperwork is filed accurately. Drafting agreements such as property settlements and spousal help agreements. Providing felony information to their purchasers via a range of processes ranges. Even negotiating on behalf of their purchaser in court docket if necessary. Property division, spousal help preparations, and baby custody agreements will be determined in these cases.

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A family lawyer from us explains how household law can be a complex area of the law. It requires a profound grasp of the nuances of various family relationships and how they interact. It is essential to discover a skilled legal professional that will be able to assist you in navigating this tricky territory. Family law can be complicated. There are a lot of elements that want to be taken into consideration. Knowledge of this subject is quintessential and will assist your case in being less complicated and more successful.

Renting a household legal professional from a professional employer with splendid judgment is essential. This will ensure that you get first-class services for your case. We will also help your case go as quickly as possible with the least quantity of issues along the way. Family NYC additionally handles estate planning, probate, and probate attorney, via which we link the pages between us.


1. What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation refers to one parent’s conduct towards their child emotionally and physically. The behavior can be unconscious or deliberate, occasionally called “parental estrangement. 

2. What does the law say about parental alienation?

In household regulation matters, parental alienation interferes with visitation or shared parenting. A parent’s status as the primary caregiver does now not imply that that parent is necessarily “preferred” over the other. If one guardian alienates a child from the other parent, the alienated parent may also ask the court docket for parenting time.

3. What is a contested divorce?

Suppose you discover that you have a problem agreeing to close phrases with your spouse concerning the property. Alimony or child support, the divorce is viewed to be contested by using a different spouse. To unravel these issues, you will want to have a household law lawyer assist with resolving the issue. This kind of divorce will typically be more costly to settle and take longer.

4. How and below what instances may also a toddler select which dad or mum will have custody?

Continually about children, the courtroom needs to decide what is in the child’s great interest. The child’s residing arrangement choice is only one of many elements that might also be considered. For example, a dad or mum may ask the court to interview the toddler to determine the child’s preference. The courtroom will conduct an in-chambers interview. 

5. How lots toddler guides can I expect?

With our free preliminary consultation, we can more cautiously assess your state of affairs and give you more precise answers.

6. Does the courtroom always comply with the child’s wishes?

The court, nonetheless, the courtroom determines whether the custody child’s tremendous interest in custody to the parent. The court docket should also consider many elements to decide the child’s best interest.

7. What occurs after a divorce is filed?

After filing a dissolution case, the responding birthday celebration should be served with the dissolution pleadings. For my part, the respondent needs to be filled with the Petition and associated documents. 

8. What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

The price is significantly lower. A mediator can furnish practical standpoints and insight into the rights and desires of both events involved in the divorce. Mediation documents are non-public and confidential. 

9. Does each household regulation case go to court?

While some divorce and child-related cases may require a trial, there are many ways to unravel these things out of court and keep your time, money, and stress. The proper legal professional will know how to use negotiation and other legal techniques to resolve your case as possible.

10. How does a courtroom determine whether to order shared parenting or one father or mother to have custody?

The parents’ capability to cooperate and make joint parenting decisions. Each parent’s capacity to inspire contact and the sharing of love with the other parent. The suggestion of the child’s guardian ad litem, if applicable. In cases where shared parenting is not in the children’s children’s refined pursuits, the courtroom will select a parent.

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I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Russel Morgan and his team on my living trust case. Their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail are truly unparalleled. From the moment I reached out to them for legal assistance, I knew I was in good hands.Throughout my legal matter, their commitment to providing excellent service was evident. They worked tirelessly to ensure that my needs were met and that my case received the attention it deserved. Their expertise in living trust law is unmatched, and I am grateful for the valuable advice they provided me.I am incredibly thankful for their hard work and dedication to my case. Their exceptional service has left me feeling confident in recommending them to anyone seeking expert legal advice. I have no doubt that they will provide the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to all their clients.
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I met Mr. Russel Morgan several months ago when I was looking for estate lawyers in NYC. A friend of mine has recommended him and his law office. And definitely, he turned out to be an excellent attorney in the field of Estate Planning. Fantastic service and very professional. Everything was done exactly as explained and a perfect finish at a very affordable price. I am thrilled to bits with their service and would 100% recommend them.
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Russel Morgan is not only a great asset protection attorney, but he also gave me valuable advice on what should not be put in a living trust. He took the time to explain the importance of asset protection and gave me the tools to ensure that my assets were protected. He considered everything and made sure I understood the logic behind it. The best legal experience I ever had. Definitely recommend him for his experience, patience, and dedication.
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Before hiring Morgan Legal, we tried working with a few other firms in the area and after our initial consultation with Russel Morgan, we felt confident with our decision. Russel’s thorough knowledge and experience of New York trust laws, his ability to listen, respect our concerns AND address ALL of our questions, really helped to ease a very stressful process. Overall, our experience was extremely positive and we’d definitely recommend Morgan Legal and Russel in particular. He had a great ability to explain things thoughtfully and carefully, even though he had to sometimes explain them more than once. He was extremely organized with the paperwork and it was evident the support staff are equally committed as a team. Thank you, we can’t recommend you more.
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Even though we have been procrastinating about completing our estate planning for a year or two, we have finally done it! We could not have chosen a better attorney than Russel to protect our family and everything we have built this far. Russel was very professional, and what is important, patient, and he walked us through the process of doing the right kind of Estate planning that was best for our family and our circumstances. I highly recommend him for your Estate Planning needs too. He knows the business, his services are priced fairly and he is very pleasant to deal with. Thank you, it is 5 stars from us!
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Morgan Legal Group is a great firm and the lawyer Russel Morgan helped me with my matter. I came to him for help for my family and he helped us every step of the way. Any questions we had were always answered quickly and he was very attentive and patient with us. We couldn’t thank him enough and I am very grateful for the outstanding work he has done. He takes his clients seriously and is very detailed with any questions you may have. Working with Russel was very easy and even when things got complicated he helped us through every step. I would recommend Russel and the Morgan Legal Group to everyone.

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